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Flag Enthusiasts, fly your banner over the country of your dreams! Faites flotter votre drapeau sur le pays de vos rèves ! Mira su bandera sobre el pais de sus suenos !

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My Personal Flag (see also my family's flags and arms)

Flags are from the Renaissance at sea and for two centuries on land one of the main sign of belonging to a nation or a state.

.Throughout history, other codes have been known such as totems, dress, coat of arms, badges, liveries, uniforms and even the zulus' shields wich differed from regiments to another.

If flags did not appear at the same time nor in the same conditions in different parts of the wolrd they are at present universal. Now, flags have become the most universal sign of belonging to a local, cultural, ethnic, politic or national community.

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Some countries are taking moves to change their present flag.

Here a 3 humble proposals, triggered by chat with other flag enthusiasts.

Australia :

This flag keeps "cruxia australis" and the federation star. Green and gold are australian sporting colors. In canton, the kangaroo, universal symbol of Australia is presented in design and colors hinting at the Aboriginal flag, inspired by a design by Ausflag. This flag is dedicated to my family at Coogee Bay.

New Zealand :

This flag is dedicated to my friend James Dignan. It features the fern of the famous "All Blacks" Rugby team. It is associated here to the traditional maori "moko". The 4 stars "cruxia australis" is taken from present flag and represent the european majority of population.

Mozambique :

This flag has been created following my friend Antonio Martins ask for proposals. Its shape looks back to the pre-1983 flag. Blue have been added to represent the Indian Ocean and is also a hint to reconciliation with RENAMO wich have blue in its flag.(see page from Antonio Martins)

Please send me comments and proposals to my flag web adress