Les Drapeaux personnels des Vexillologues

par Philippe Bondurand

Cette page vous permet à la fois de regarder les drapeaux personnels des vexillologistes d'Internet et de visiter leurs pages web consacrées au drapeaux. Je vous conseille de le faire, toutes sont passionantes. J'ai ajouté deux autres sections de liens pour des sites tout aussi passionants mais dont les auteurs ne peuvent ou ne veulent être identifiés par un drapeau personnel. Si vous avez vous même un drapeau ou une page consacrée aux drapeaux, envoyez ses références à Philippe Bondurand. [par mail à philippe (chez) bondurand (point) com] This page is not only a collection of personal flag but a link page. Most of these flags may be seen full size on the flag web pages of their designers. Please visit them! I've added some links without flags where authors could not or would not be associated with a personal flag. If you have a personal flag or a flag related web page, please contact Philippe Bondurand. [by mail to philippe (at) bondurand (dot) com]

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Flag Enthusiasts, fly your banner over the country of your dreams! Faites flotter votre drapeau sur le pays de vos rèves ! Mira su bandera sobre el pais de sus suenos !

1ère Section : Les drapeaux Personnels

Whitney Smith (not on line but here at the place of honour)
Phil Abbey (San Diego, CA, USA)
Flag site including imperial chinese flags
WK Aiken, (Westfield, IN, USA)
Alex Albiniak, (Cordova, Tennessee, USA)
Jose C. Alegria Diaz, Gijon (Spain)
Boating Flags
Dr. Andrew Andersen
Here you can find my website which contains my arms
Ole Andersen (Brøndbyøster, Denmark)
Personal web page (in Danish)
You might be a vexillologist page (humour)
Charles. E.F.Ashburner (Swansea, Wales)
Aingeru Astui (Bermeo, Pays Basque)
Banderak Itxasoan - Banderas en la Mar - Flags at Sea
Euskal Herriko ikurrak - Símbolos de Euskal Herria - Symbols of the Basque Country
Rev. Fr. Serop Azarian
Luc Baronian (Montréal, Québec)
Vexillologie quebecoise et de l'Amerique francaise
Symboles armeniens / Armenian Symbols
Jean Francois Blanc,( France)
Les drapeaux de Jean-François Blanc
La bandiera de Jean-Baptiste Blanc
Philippe Bondurand,(Paris, France)
La Page de Drapeaux de PNB :
Les Drapeaux et pavillons non-identifiés
Les Drapeaux des Bondurand
Garry Borgacci
Tim Boronczyk, (Syracuse, NY, USA)
Vexillology, Personal Flags, Proposals
Giuseppe Bottasini (Italia) (FOTW Presidental flag)
Flags of the World
Elias J Caban, originally from Beaufort, South Carolina, but my home is San Antonio, Texas (USA)
José Luis Caballero Guimerá, Member of Vexillological Society of Spain, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Maxime Caillon, France
Sergio Camero, Madrid, Spain
Banderas Militares/Army Flags
Jorge Candeias, (Faro, Algarve, Portugal)
Site de drapeaux
Projets pour les drapeaux des futures regions administratives du Portugal
The late Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr., (Portland, Tennessee, USA) 
Jose Luis Cepero Creo, (Cadiz, Al-Andalus, Espagne)
John C. E. Christensen (Miami Florida, USA)
David Cohen, Perth, Australia
e-mail : boxcar@wantree.com.au
Christopher Cotton, Pasadena, California, USA
Philippe-Pierre DARRAS, Avignon, France
Mark S. Davies, Hamilton, Canada
Herman de Wael, Antwerpen, Belgium
Miniature flags GIFs
Antonio Del Chiaro, Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy
Mariaserena Del Chiaro, Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy
Blas Delgado Ortiz, Caguas, Puerto Rico.
Peter Diem, Wien, Austria, Europe
Flags and arms of Austria
James Dignan, Dunedin, New Zealand
Personal Page (with vexillological content)

Jonathan Dixon, from Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Santiago Dotor, Madrid, Espana
Robert E. Drake San Diego, California
Emil Dreyer ( Zollikofen, Helvetia)
the flag is handpainted by Mr Dreyer himself
José Manuel Erbez (Canary Islands, Spain)
"Banderas de Canarias / Flags of the Canary Islands"
Petr Exner (Hradec Kralove, Ceska Republika)
Mario Fabretto,( I-34070 Turriaco (GO), Italia)
e-mail: mario@mail.conecta.it
Dan Fairbanks, (Oxford, Ohio, USA)
e-mail: fairbadj@muohio.edu
Marcos Cajueiro Fernandes, Brasil
Home Page
Carlos Fernandez, Spanish, living in Germany
Herman FMY, Singapore
Military and Paramilitary Flags of Singapore.
John H. Gamez, (San antonio, Texas, USA)
Flag Page : beginner's guide for designing personal flags.
Luis T Garay, (El Salvador/Washington DC , USA)

LUSGRY@AOL.COM ou Listoluis@hotmail.com
Pierre Gay, (Paris, France)
Drapeaux de la Francophonie
Erik Göthe, (Sweden)
e-mail: erik@ekiatrika.se
Tom Gregg (USA)
War Flags
Pascal Gross, (Bussigny, Suisse)
Atlas géographique mondial
Drapeaux animés
Dov Gutterman
Haifa - Israel
Zach Harden (Arkansas, USA)
Flag related website
Martin Hawkins (Grenaa, Denmark (born 1980))
email : Martin@Hawkins.dk
Zeljko Heimer (Zagreb, HR - Croatia)
The Flags and Arms of the Modern Era :
Lee L Herold, (land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota USA)
e-mail: Heroldlee@aol.com
Velid-aga Jerlagic, Sarajevo, Bosnie-Herzégovine
Kevin Joseph, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Patrick Ka'ano'i, Hawai'i
Family Flag web page
David Kendall, (Canada)
Flag web page:
Vexillography page:
Sandor Kiss (Hodmezovasarhely, HUNGARY)
Personal web page
Albert S. Kirsch
Jack Kowalski, Lombard, Illinois, USA
Steve Kramer, (USA)
Abby Kramer, (USA)
Flag web page :
Geoff Lancaster Toronto, Canada
Ray A. Latiolais, Lafayette, Louisiane (USA)
Personal Flag Page
Matthew Lawrence(USA)
Personal Flag Page
Thanh-Tâm Lê,
Bry-sur-Marne (France)
Bernard Le Brun : Président de la KVV / SBV (Société Bretonne de
Vexillologie) Bretagne / Breizh
l'adresse du site de la KVV / SBV
Arnaud Leroy (aka "Palac"), France
Le Site Francophone des Drapeaux et des Emblèmes du Monde : www.cyberflag.net
Miles Li (Positional color as a vexillologist)
Sydney, Australia
Erich Dieter Linder, Munich, Germany, founding member of the German flag association "Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Flaggenkunde" (DGF).
Website covering flag information
Sam Lockton, Wellington, New Zealand
Pete Loeser (Laytonville, California, USA)
Emilio Lojacona (Belgique)
João Madureira, Stº. Antº. dos Cavaleiros, Portugal
Terence Martin
Hartford,Connecticut (USA)
Antonio Martins (Portugal)
Flags of Portugal & Lusophonia
Dave Martucci, (USA)
Vexillology and Vexillography
Muhamed Mesic, (b.1984) Bosnie-Herzégovine
Samuel Meza, Bogotá, Colombia
Edmund Midura, (Columbia, Maryland)
Pascal Prince, (Jura)
Une page perso, une page consacrée à mes armoiries , mon drapeau
Edward Mooney, (California, USA)
Flag Page
http://www.flagwizard.net/ (help to identify a flag)
Juan Morales, Puerto Rico
Carlos Noronha, Brasil
Lewis A. Nowitz (e-mail for more information)

The object in the center of the flag is a Petersen graph
Jaume Ollé proposition à l'étude(Reus,Catalonia)
Electronical Vexillological Bulletin from Catalonia:
Historical Flags:
Eduardo Panizo, Oviedo, Spain
Vexilla Hispanica : Page of Iberic Civic Arms and flags
Raul Jesus Orta Pardo, Caracas, Venezuela
Ivo Ostyn, Australia
Author of Australian Capital Territory Flag
Dany Petre, (Mudersbach, Germany)
Meine Homepage hat eine neue Anschrift: (in german)
Sergey Petrov, Israel

Nick Pharris, (Olympia, Washington, Cascadia)
"Saltire of Aehnne". John Philips, (Tacoma, USA)
Chris Pinette, (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Flags of Canada and France
Annie Platoff (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
My flag page
Herve PRAT (Breizh / Bretagne)
John M. Purcell, Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA.
Philippe Rault : Vice-Président de la KVV / SBV (Bretagne / Breizh)
l'adresse du site de la KVV / SBV
Alain RAULLET   (Breizh /Brittany)
Michail Revnivtsev, Engels-city, Saratov Region, Russie
Directeur du Centre Russe de Vexillologie et Heraldique
Franco Ricart, Valencia, Spain
Nelson Román, Arecibo, Puerto Rico
the site of flag and coat of afm of my City Arecibo in Puerto Rico
Mark Rogacki, Buffalo, NY, USA
Andrew S. Rogers, Seattle, WA USA
Evan Rolfe, Ridgewood, New Jersey (USA).
Jim Rush, Valhalla, North Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, (USA)
My website: www.jimrush.com
Ivan Sache, avec ton autorisation, en attendant ton vrai drapeau (France)
e-mail : sache@grignon.inra.fr
Ivan Sarajcic, geographer, Belgrade,Yugoslavia
Rolf Schmidt (Saarbrücken, Allemagne, présentement à Québec)
Explication du drapeau
John Scordato, Mindspring, USA
Joseph F. Scordato, Mindspring, USA
Tom Scordato, Mindspring, USA
Renee Scordato, Mindspring, USA
Michael P. Smuda, Alameda County, California, USA
Personal web page

Marcel Stratton
, Rollag/Hawley, MN USA
Steve Stringfellow, (USA)
Dean Thomas (New Zelander now living in the U.S.)
Flags and Emblems of the Commonwealth Games
Olivier Touzeau, France
Gustavo Tracchia, Kew Gardens Ny USA
David C. Treibs, Texas, USA
Political flags site
Carlos J. Torres Livonia, Michigan (USA)
Peter Turek, Salisbury, Maryland, USA.
Franc Van Diest (Helmond, Netherlands)
I also have a personal Flag and website
Filip Van Laenen, (Oslo, Norway for the moment, but I'm a Fleming)
Flags of the low countries
Jean-Bernard Vincent (Chartres, France)
Personal Country of Maurétanie
Stéphane Viau, Montreal (Québec)
Daniel Wakenfield, ALbany, NY, US
Ben K. Weed
Military Flags web site
JohannesWeigand, Heidelberg, Germany
My ImagiNation is called 'Kalesthesia'
John Windle, London UK
Rick Wyatt, (USA)
Chris Young, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
Randy Young. (USA)
Uros Zizmund (Ljubjana, Slovenia)
Slovenians and other Flags web page :

Quelques autres liens, en attendant pour la plupart le drapeau personnel du responsable du site :

Some miscellaneous other links, most of them waiting for the personal flag of owner to be included above :

2ème Section : Les drapeaux d'association et les autres symboles.

Fédération Internationale des Associations Vexillologiques
International Federation of Vexillological Associations
The most complete site of the Internet :
Flags Of The World
The World Flag Database, London
The flag institute (UK)
Christopher JS Vance's archive of FOTW mailing list
Flagchart Vlaggenkaart (dutch commercial site)
http://www.shipmate.nl/france.htm (provinces françaises)
Tom Mills' page of Heraldry and Vexillology (links)
Ausflag (Australian new flag proposals)
Proposal of New Australian Flag by John Mahony

Asociación Argentina de Vexilología
E-mail: asoc-vexilologia-banderas@sinectis.com.ar
Flags of Arab league countries (Ed Haynes)
Site de la Société Bretonne de Vexillologie : Kevarzhe Vannielouriezh Vreizh
Association Catalane de Vexillologie (très bon site avec une bonne page sur les républiques autonomes de Russie)
Association Canadienne de Vexillologie/The Canadian Flag Association (ACV/CFA)
Institut Royal Franco-Cambodgien de Recherches Scientifiques et Culturelles
La Sociedad Española de Vexilología
Flags of Ireland (Vincent Morley site)
Italian Centre of Vexillological Studies
North American Vexillological Association
New England Vexillological Association
Enfin nous avons pu créer un site pour le drapeau réunionnais:
l'Union des Bretons de Belgique - Unvaniezh Bretoned bro-Veljik - UBB - et membre de la Société Bretonne de Vexillologie SBV Kevarzhe Vannielouriezh Vreizh
Venezuelan Association of Symbollogy - VENEZIMBOL
Flags of the Vexillum (flags of ImagiNations)

Flags of Vexillum
Ancients Flags Designs, a site run by Thomas Robinson with designs by Johannes Weigand, Philippe Bondurand etc...

Great Waters Association of Vexillology


3ème Section : Quelques autres très beaux sites de vexillologie

Mark Sensen’s Vexillological Webpages http://home.wxs.nl/~marksens/
Mark Sensen’s Vexillollinks http://www.reocities.com/CapitolHill/8987
Name that flag (Guess game) http://www.futcher.com/nameflag
Heraldry Links http://www.panix.com/~wlinden/heraldry.shtml
New flags (commercial site) http://home.pi.net/~vlagdocn/newfla_en.html
this or that area 'liberated'... http://www.wavefront.com/~homelands/
Amerindiens (Don Healy's site) http://users.aol.com/Donh523/navapage/

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