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Turkey Liberation Front Flag Joke submitted by :

Marcus E.V. Schmöger
Bavaria, Germany, European Union

(pour les lecteurs francophones Turkey = Dinde en français)

Milwaukee proposed flag by Albert S Kirch

perhaps they should use yellow prominently in their flag :-) How about a flag with the top third white (for the head) and the lower two-thirds yellow??
[as] they brew the generic beers there (Schlitz, Miller, Old Milwaukee, etc) for which the US is justly taken to task.

Spanish foreign politics joke
published in Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" in early October 2002, comparing late General Franco's salute to the 1945-1977 flag:
with current Prime Minister Aznar's salute to a Spanish flag defaced with the US arms -- a pun on his strong support of President Bush' policy towards Iraq.

Thanks to Luismi Arias, who scanned and sent the joke to Santiago Dotor who then sent it here.

Santa Claus Flag Joke

Reported by Santiago Dotor on FOTW mailing list :

Jörg Karaschewski of the DGF sent this joke to the German mailing
Santa is showing a flag to his reindeers and comments, "It has the
beautiful Santa Claus colours, a sweet little Santa in the middle, so
what's you dislike about my new logo?" They answer, "You have a full

"Football Crazy" Portugal


Detail of shield

In today's (14/03/02) edition of the PÚBLICA magazine there's a cartoon by the resident cartoonist of the magazine and the newspaper PÚBLICO, Luís Afonso, making fun of the footbalitis that periodically sweeps this country. This weekend is one of these cases, because of a game between Porto and Benfica that might kick one of the two out of the struggle for the championship.
The cartoon, as you might see, features an "alternative" portuguese flag, with a foot ball replacing the armilliary sphere, cups in the place of the castles in the bordure of Castille and the symbols of the 5 clubs that won the championship throughout it's history in the place of the 5 _quinas_. These are, from top to bottom and left to right, Benfica, Porto, Sporting, Belenenses and Boavista (which follows the order of the clubs in number of titles).
I scanned it and I'm posting the toon as pt-toon.jpg and a detail of the shield as pt)toon.jpg. I've got larger versions if there's anyone interested.

Jorge Candeias

This flag is an offering to my friend Ivan who prefers chanting the merits of wine then designing himself a personal flag. As an agronomist, he have some excuses to prefer the products of the soil. As a vexillologists, he have not! It represents red, pink and white wine in proper colors. And a glass. This flag is a tribute for all the northern european and american friends who prefer beer then wine. I copied without any shame a template sent by... Ivan. Well, nevertheless, beer comes from plant, too. Isn't it? I use to attribute it on my persoflag page to all without personal flags. Cheers!

Cartoon provided by Zeljko Heimer who added : "Just for the sake of universality, a funnel (a thing that plays
important part in the commic) is here a symbol of "wierdoes", to put
it mildly, as much as if it would be if they would wear Napoleons
uniform and one had between the buttons. But I don't think you really
need this explanation."